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  • Android Application for management of procedures and checklists
  • Process modelling and flexible process automation
  • Paperless and mobile control of processes
  • User friendly platform for managing content and authorization
  • Flexibility to adapt procedures to current needs
  • Hands-free solution on Google Glass

Proceedix, an innovative way of handling company procedures

In many companies, handling procedures and instructions is a very labour intensive process and to a large extend still done on paper. With the Proceedix platform all this paperwork is finally replaced by an agile solution running on any kind of device (from PC to smart glasses) Over the past year, our team of Porta Capena developers worked very closely with the visionary Proceedix team. We are all big believers in the power and added value of the Proceedix platform.


supply chain


  • Stock Control and Optimization
  • Effective warehouse management
  • Stock movements in all directions
  • Support of sorting operations in warehouse
  • SAP integration
RFID tracking


  • Tracking assets in real-time with RFID
  • Real-time and accurate insight into merchandise status
  • Registration of many products in a single scan
  • Human errors elimination
  • Constant control over inventory
  • Sorting application for mobile devices
reports financial software budget


  • Software tool for understanding of company‚Äôs financials
  • Easy and customized reporting and budgeting
  • Forecasting of financial condition of your company based on any budget assumptions
  • Budget follow-up
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GPS Tracking


  • Real-time GPS tracking of sales team
  • Control of sales activities in the field
  • Up-to-date insight into supply chain
  • Easy and mobile order management that improves daily operations and increases productivity
  • Paperless document management
KPIs dashboard


  • Flexible Balanced Scorecard in the cloud
  • Wide variaty of measures and indexes to follow
  • Manual and digital data aquisition
  • Flexible reporting, and overview of the overal state of the enterprise based on multitude of KPI's


  • Production & logistics optimization
  • Instant simulation of business processes
  • User friendly interface for advanced simulations
  • Flexible and configurable constraints setup
  • Interactive maps & charts
  • Variety of Linear Programming solvers including Gurobi & LPSolve


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